Unreal Adventures

Best Unreal Feature For Beginners

I stumbled into the GREATEST LEARNING TOOL FOR UNREAL. It’s built into the editor. Just click on the graduation cap on the top right of the window and then get ready for some interactive tutorials that will have you DOING instead of just reading and/or listening. Enjoy.

In light of GDC’s announcement: Unity vs Unreal

Because of Unreal now being without any subscription fee and Unity 5 now providing essentially all functionality for it’s non-Pro licenses it’s been a bit of a discussion amongst my buddies as to what this means for either as well as which engine proves to be the better choice. Here is my opinion: both are essentially […]

Getting Started: Project Break Through

Starting with the end in mind… What I would like to do is to make a clone of a Breakout clone called “Redesigning Breakout”. This clone would only be taking inspiration from the original “Redesigning Breakout” in the same way that it was only taking inspiration from Breakout itself. There is already an MVP out on […]

TL;DR for “Getting Started with Unreal + OSX”

EDIT: I’ve crossed out outdated info to jive with Epic’s recent announcement to remove the $20 a month fee from UE4. So I wanted to provide a quick TL;DR for the last 2 posts… Getting Started Create an account and get ready to be charged $20 a month and paying 5% of your gross per […]

Getting the Unreal Engine 4 Compiling in OSX

TL;DR of video – Set up GitHub with your UnrealEngine.com account. Get your invite and fork the repo then clone it to your machine. Add the EpicGames repo as a remote to pull the latest changes (you can then push the latest changes to your fork). Run the Setup.command then the GenerateProjectFiles.command scripts to get […]

Getting Started With Unreal Engine 4 In OSX

So I decided to start at the beginning to show someone who may still be on the fence or just curious what’s entailed what it is like to get started with Unreal. The video will go through showing you the following required steps: Getting an account on unrealengine.com Downloading the Epic Games Launcher Installing the Unreal […]

From Unity to Unreal… Why switch?

EDIT: I’ve crossed out outdated info to jive with Epic’s recent announcement to remove the $20 a month fee from UE4. TLDR; I’m a hippy programmer who lives on the fringes and isn’t afraid of a challenge if it means expanding my horizons. I’ve been using Unity both personally and professionally for a combined total for about […]

Minimum Viable Progress

The first thing worth mentioning is that time is a difficult asset to have (let alone manage). With that said, I’ve come to the sobering realization that my dreams are only going to solidify as long as I continue to pursue them. The fanciful daydreams that lure me to them are a torment unless I try to make them […]