My career began in 2000 as an IT engineer for Advent Software handling Level 1 support, user training, technical facilitates, and server maintenance for 6 wonderful years which I fondly look back on to this day.

However, the need of a degree led me to Winter Park, FL where I attended Full Sail University’s Game Development Bachelors Program which I completed in September of 2008. I would extend my education afterwards as a Lab Assistant for advanced classes including Machine Architecture, Software Architecture, and Artificial Intelligence. I was also given the privilege to stand in as a temporary instructor when necessary.

Returning to NYC in September of 2009 for personal matters I found myself in the slump during the crash but rebounded when I acquired an opportunity to work as a QA analyst for Kaos Studios. Here I worked with XBox, PS3, and PC ports of Homefront. Eventually I would be promoted to be an embedded QA representative to the PS3 port team where I focused on performance matters by providing reports and designing stress tests.

As the project came to a close I was fortunate to find work with a small company in Little Falls, NY called Voyant Vision (at the time Lecky Integration). There I was given the chance to learn machine vision methodologies in cross-platform environments (Linux and Windows primarily) and eventually given the added responsibility of Project Manager and later General Manager. This was also how I was given the opportunity to create my first fully functioning Android app for the MVGIS as we were contracted to create a fully interactive snowmobile trail map that covered almost all of the Upstate New York region.

Finally, I found myself lured by a “dream come true” opportunity to work on Unity based mobile games and simulations for an educational company called Amplify (at the time Wireless Generation). I had spent my first year spearheading the adoption of Unity while helping to prototype the first simulations to come out of the science department. Being one of the first “feet on the ground”, I also had the honor of helping to build the team of incredible individuals with whom I’ve been very lucky to work with since.

I’m currently focusing on my pure Android project “Abstract Tracker”. I will post a link to it on the Play Store as soon as it’s worthy of a download.

Well, that’s about it! Take a look around and feel free to contact me any time!