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TL;DR for “Getting Started with Unreal + OSX”

2015.02.23 - Posted in Maximum Viable Progress , Unreal Adventures Posted by:

EDIT: I’ve crossed out outdated info to jive with Epic’s recent announcement to remove the $20 a month fee from UE4.

So I wanted to provide a quick TL;DR for the last 2 posts…

Getting Started

  1. Create an account and get ready to be charged $20 a month and paying 5% of your gross per product (for all money made after the initial $3000).
  2. Download the Epic Games Launcher and install
  3. Download the latest Unreal Engine (the Editor comes for the ride) from the Marketplace
  4. Launch Engine
  5. Profit

Compiling The Code

  1. Associate Unreal Engine account with GitHub account.
  2. Create fork and clone locally.
  3. Add Epic’s repo as remote to pull down latest changes from them.
  4. Run Setup.command followed by GenerateProjectFiles.command.
  5. Open UE4.xcodeproj
  6. Profit