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Getting Started: Project Break Through

2015.02.23 - Posted in android , Maximum Viable Progress , Unreal Adventures Posted by:

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Starting with the end in mind…

What I would like to do is to make a clone of a Breakout clone called “Redesigning Breakout”. This clone would only be taking inspiration from the original “Redesigning Breakout” in the same way that it was only taking inspiration from Breakout itself. There is already an MVP out on the Play Store which we got done in a week using Unity almost a year ago and I would love to get this project finished properly using UE4 and Blueprints alone.

What we hope to keep

  • The slick techno aesthetic
  • Not losing because the ball hit the “floor”
  • Timed play with goal of getting the high score.
  • “Light Speed” that occurs when the ball contacts the paddle

Where we hope to improve

  • More colorful (the Virtual Boy homage gets old rather quickly)
  • Power-ups
  • Endless mode (with and without lives)
  • Music
  • Online leaderboards
  • Android availablity

Where to start

  • MVP – Recreate the original MVP that was released a long time ago for desktop. Android will follow.
    • Create simple ball behaviour.
    • Create game field.
    • Create paddle that listens to user input.
    • Create bricks.
  • To do this sprint –
    • Create Trello board outlining the project and sprint.
      • Need to fill out the product backlog.
    • Create GitHub repo and tie UE4 project to it.
      • Look into UE4 + Git tips/tricks
      • Probably a good idea to ask around IRC for any advice as well.
    • Investigate collision detection in UE4 Blueprint system.
    • Investigate user input in UE4’s Blueprint system.

In conclusion

This sprint will essentially be to lay down the ground work and some R&D that will help us develop the MVP on Windows/OSX/Linux.

But why bother?

Some might say, “why do something if it’s already been done?” To that I say this…

Copying someone, even if it means trying to make something indistinguishable from the original, is not a waste of time as long as you gain pleasure in doing so. That aside, the exercise of one’s skills is always beneficial as it only serves to help define and sharpen those skills. Finally, no matter if you’re cloning someone else’s work or striving to be completely unique, know that it is very difficult to be completely successful at either but only to degrees of success (outside of outright digital duplication); there is nothing new under the sun and yet we are all ultimately unique.

Life is such a lovely mashup of contradictions.