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Minimum Viable Progress

2015.02.04 - Posted in Maximum Viable Progress , project announcements , Unreal Adventures Posted by:

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The first thing worth mentioning is that time is a difficult asset to have (let alone manage).

With that said, I’ve come to the sobering realization that my dreams are only going to solidify as long as I continue to pursue them. The fanciful daydreams that lure me to them are a torment unless I try to make them a reality. Until then I’m just a programmer posing as a game developer/designer.

The plan will be to put in at the very least 4 hours a week to pursue my projects and passions. The primary pursuit will be rapidly developing game prototypes in the Unreal Engine 4. Secondary pursuits will include general tips in technology and experiments in electronics.

When I put time into one of these activities I will start by typing out what I want to do (approximately 5 minutes), do it for an hour or as much time as I can spare, then sum up what I did and publish the results to this blog. I’ll try to maintain a scrum-like weekly cycle (sprints in Agile terminology) to help focus time as efficiently as possible.

Marching orders for now will be to create (and finish) as originally created for Android by my cohort Rafael Vigueras and I did a little while back using Unity. Why step away from Unity? Because I’ve done Unity professionally for 2 years and 5 at a hobby level and I’ve got to admit that I’ve grown curious as to what lies on the other side of the fence. The fact that Epic has done something, well, epic by making the engine open source is more than enough to lure me in for a closer look.

The progress will be minimal but it is the only viable solution… for now!